Competitive advantage


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What we do

We're an online tour operator specialised in B2B distribution. In other words, a global provider for agencies and wholesalers.

We boast an extensive and varied product range (more than 600,000 hotels in our portfolio thanks to integration with more than 200 distribution channels) and use cutting-edge technology to guarantee agility and reliability.

In short, a technological solution that efficiently clusters together a variety of products and rates.

Hotels around the world
State-of-the-art technology
Optimisation service

Our commitment

Our main goal is to provide the best product to our customers in a simple, fast and competitive way.


We use the latest technology to provide a quality response to our partners in less than 1 second.
We also have a search engine to optimise results.

Short view

So you can quickly see all the price options that the hotel offers

Map view

So you can see the location of the hotel, proximity to attractions, etc.

List view

So you can see all the content (photos of the hotel, TripAdvisor reviews, etc. )

And much more. . .

What's more, each hotel has its personalised file, with much more detailed information about all services, guest reviews, etc.

You also have a multitude of options to filter results depending on your customer's needs (price, category, rate type, etc. ).

And you can easily send quotes, share on social media, apply group discounts and even create personalised lists of hotels for each customer.

Thanks to the tools that we provide, you'll save time on each booking.

Competitive advantage

Today, there are hundreds of hosting providers that in turn have different rates for the same product.

We provide international rates and we use multi-currency technology.

Our tool groups together the results of the main global distribution channels (more than 200 integrations) in order to offer you the best option available in a single connection.


By combining the speed of technology and the competitive advantage that we gain from the product, we're able to increase our customers' profit margins and, therefore, earn more.

Boost your profit margin by saving time.
Boost your profit margin by being competitive.
Or in other words. You simply earn more. Guaranteed.

Who are we

Smyrooms is a global online tour operator with more than 10 years of experience in the travel market as part of the Logitravel Group. The company was founded with the aim of supplying the numerous brands of the group and all our customers with our travel stock at competitive prices. We strive to offer our customers the most cutting-edge technology.